Our Alumni Program

The Granite House is proud to be home to a tight-knit alumni network that has grown into a vibrant recovery community throughout New Hampshire. By encouraging our alumni to stay active, it keeps their community engagement on the forefront of their recovery, and allows them to maintain friendships with their peers, and find support when they need it.

Throughout the year, we have Alumni events and outings such as bowling, movies, laser tag, and paintball, and encourage graduates living nearby to join in. By keeping in touch with one another, our alumni strengthen their personal recovery and keep their fellowship going strong. 2019 marked our first-ever Alumni cookout, which drew in nearly 100 attendees, and featured a DJ, BBQ and refreshments from our very own Chef Adam, poet Matt Ganem, and rapper Colicchie. This is a tradition we hope to repeat each year to come with alumni from all of our Granite Recovery Centers facilities.

To us, the fine men and women who make up our alumni base are far more than just former clients. They are family. With shared experiences, shared respect, and a singular voice, they are a tribe in every sense of the word. Once you go through The Granite House, you’re a lifetime member, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our Alumni Program offers The Granite House graduates the opportunity to form bonds with their peers and develop healthy friendships. Specifically, our Alumni program provides:

● Educational events and programs, such as Big Book workshops and alumni meetings
● Access to our private Facebook group
● Peer support and interaction on recovery-related issues
● Recreational activities like yoga, meditation, outings, cookouts
● Annual Alumni Reunion that strengthens and renews returning clients’ commitment to sobriety

We hope you will choose to become part of our tribe.

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